Personal Injury Protection

What is Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection coverage, or commonly referred to as PIP coverage or New York No-Fault coverage is a very valuable coverage built into your auto insurance policy.  PIP is the primary medical payor when their is an injury in or around a motor vehicle, regardless of who is at-fault for the accident, hence the name no-fault.  New York mandates that your auto policy have a minimum of $25k for this coverage and they allow you to buy up to $150k in total benefits.  The premium difference between the minimum coverage and the maximum coverage is surprisingly low, considering how much additional coverage you are getting.  Let’s face person’s Mercy flight could easily chew up $25k in expense, it makes a world of sense to buy the increased limits.


In addition to direct medical expenses, PIP will also pay for lost wages, mileage for injury care, and other indirect injury expenses related to an auto accident.


At Spencerport Insurance Agency we focus on value!  Since this is a very inexpensive coverage to increase with a large payout, we highly recommend always purchasing the state max or $150k with no deductible. 

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